October 24th, 2018

Brampton NDP MPPs call Ford’s callous cancellation of university devastating

NDP calls on Brampton Conservatives to stand up for the community

Brampton NDP MPPs Sara Singh (Brampton Centre), Gurratan Singh (Brampton East) and Kevin Yarde (Brampton North) said that Doug Ford’s callous move to cancel Ryerson University’s Brampton campus is a massive blow to university students and the community.

“Overnight and with the stroke of a pen, Doug Ford has cancelled the future of Brampton students and sent shockwaves through our community,” said Sara Singh. “Ford shattered the hope of Brampton parents that wanted to see their children educated and find a job close to home. He’s set our world class and growing city back decades and taken away the economic boost we were counting on.

“The Ford Conservatives already voted down a new hospital for Brampton and now they cancelled our university. Brampton deserves so much better than being attacked and dragged backwards by Mr. Ford.”

Yesterday evening, the Ford Conservatives issued an after hours news release that revealed the York University campus in Markham, the Wilfrid Laurier University campus in Milton, and the Brampton campus of Ryerson University were all cancelled. Earlier this month, the Ford Conservatives voted down an NDP motion to fund a new Brampton hospital.

“Our community is united in supporting a new university for Brampton,” said Gurratan Singh. “It’s troubling that Brampton Conservatives MPPs Prabmeet Sarkaria from Brampton South and Amarjot Sandhu from Brampton West are standing by Doug Ford as he robs our community of this much needed investment and our students of their future. Now isn’t a time for partisan politics – we need to come together and fight for the future of Brampton.”

Brampton North NDP MPP Kevin Yarde said that Ford’s actions are a clear sign that this Conservative government will continue where the Liberals left off, and make things even worse for Brampton families.

“Where the Liberals treated Brampton as a second class city, Ford’s Conservatives are on track to make things even worse, showing no interest in building a new Brampton hospital and working against students and businesses that were counting on a new university campus,” said Yarde.

“New Democrats won’t sit idle while Doug Ford dismantles our community. It’s time to bring change for the better to Brampton and give families access to the education and health care that they deserve.”