April 7th, 2021

Doug Ford minimized the threat of the third wave for weeks

QUEEN’S PARK — Despite clear warnings from the government’s own advisors, Premier Doug Ford walked Ontario into a third wave of COVID-19. Ontario’s Science Table warned Ford to take action in February, but instead he falsely claimed “things were looking a little rosy”.

Scientific Warnings

April 1: Dr. Adalsteinn Brown of Ontario’s Science Table on rising ICU admissions: "That is a place where clinicians have to make hard decisions you would never want them to have to make...you will see loss of life”.

March 17: Dr. Peter Juni of Ontario’s Science Table: “To make it without a renewed lockdown in the situation we're in, that's next to impossible, unless a miracle occurs. This is not about miracles. This is about biology and epidemiology here.”

February 11: Brown: “The cases will likely rise given the variants of concern.”

Ford responses

April 1: Ford: “We’re throwing everything we have at the virus.”

Feb. 22: Ford: “Rather than always looking at doom and gloom, ‘the world is coming to an end’—we must be doing something right, because per 100,000 active cases, Ontario has the lowest outside the Maritime provinces… There must be something going in the right direction here.”

Feb. 16: Ford: “We were able to bring the numbers down. ICU units are actually going down, the capacity that is there right now. The numbers are going down.”