May 5th, 2020

FACT CHECK: COVID testing falling behind

QUEEN’S PARK — The NDP Official Opposition says today’s shocking drop in COVID-19 testing shows the Ford government is failing to ramp up testing to meet its own new, lowered target for tomorrow, even while using testing data as a justification for re-opening parts of the Ontario economy.

  • Ford’s initial target: 18,900 tests per day
  • Ford’s downgraded target for this week: 16,000 tests per day by May 6
  • Tests completed May 4: 14,555
  • Tests completed May 5: 10,654

On Monday, the national average was 24,460 tested per million people, but Ontario was only testing at 22,715 per million. Alberta, by comparison, is testing 34,800 per million, or 42 per cent more tests.

Since March, the government has consistently missed its own testing targets.