August 23rd, 2017

Families are waiting too long for seniors care in Thunder Bay: Horwath

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath visited Thunder Bay today to talk about the crisis in seniors care. With more than 800 people stuck on a waiting list for long-term care beds in the city, it's time to investigate and fix the seniors care system.

Families are waiting 1,000 days or more to get their loved ones the care they need in Thunder Bay.

“Too many people are waiting far too long for the care they need in Thunder Bay. It’s time to get to the bottom of the crisis in seniors care in this province and to do something about it,” said Horwath. “Our aging parents and grandparents deserve care that protects their safety, their health and their dignity.”

The NDP Leader has called for a broad-based public inquiry that looks into the systemic problems in long-term care in Ontario. Families deserve to know how underfunding, understaffing, and the lack of any minimum standards of care are impacting quality of care. Deep cuts by the Liberals and the previous Conservative government have only made the crisis worse.

“Nobody’s parent or grandparent should be left alone in bed for 18 hours at a time. No senior should go without breakfast or the help they need to get to the bathroom on time,” said Horwath. “An NDP government will put an end to the wait list for long-term care beds in Thunder Bay. We will fix the broken seniors care system across the province.”