June 6th, 2018

Ford’s cuts mean over 60,000 layoffs in the GTA

Horwath offers hope for GTA families who can’t afford Ford

TORONTO – People in the GTA have an opportunity to stop Doug Ford and elect a premier that families can count on by voting for Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP – the only option for stopping Ford’s cuts, privatization and corruption.

Ford refuses to come clean with Ontarians about his plan to cut $6 billion from the services people count on to pay for a tax giveaway for the richest people and richest corporations. While everyday families would pay for his cuts with longer health care waits, fewer teachers in schools and higher prices for the basics, like transit – they’d get just an $18 tax break in return. And in Doug Ford’s Ontario, more than 60,000 people would be fired in the GTA alone, thanks to his cuts.

If Ford follows through on his plan, the GTA’s share of the cuts just in health care would include:

  • 252 layoffs and 36 beds closed at Brampton and Etobicoke hospitals
  • 253 layoffs and 34 closed beds at Scarborough’s hospitals
  • 325 layoffs and 43 beds closed at Humber River Hospital and North York General

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” said Horwath. “I want people to win this election. We can have dental coverage for everyone, we can end hallway medicine, and we can give students a better start with more opportunities and less debt. A more affordable life is closer than ever – if we work together to make it happen.

“Everywhere I go, I can feel the momentum behind us to make sure it’s the people of Ontario who win this election,” Horwath said. “It’s coming down to the wire, and I don’t want to hold Mr. Ford to account after the election – I want to stop him on election day.”

  • Horwath’s platform includes:
  • Ending hallway medicine
  • Fixing seniors care
  • Lowering hydro bills by 30 per cent
  • Creating thousands of student co-op jobs and internships
  • Providing drug and dental coverage for everyone

The NDP’s fully-costed Change for the Better platform can be found at ontariondp.ca/platform.