June 6th, 2019

Ford government approving massive increases to auto insurance making life less affordable for Ontarians: NDP

QUEEN’S PARK — NDP critic for Auto Insurance and the MPP for Brampton East, Gurratan Singh, said during question period Thursday that the Ford government approving massive increases to auto insurance rates is making life less affordable for millions of Ontarians.

“Ontarians already pay the highest auto insurance premiums in the country, despite being amongst the safest drivers,” Singh said in the Legislature. “For most Brampton families, driving isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity — it’s how folks commute to work and back, or take their kids to school. I have heard from so many Bramptonians that car insurance is a major, often unmanageable, expense, the cost of which can be higher than the mortgage on their home.

“Yet, in four short months, the Conservatives have approved auto insurance rates by as much as 11.4 per cent, has failed to cap auto insurance companies’ profits and has refused to vote in favour of the NDP-led bill to end unfair postal code discrimination from auto insurance companies, a practice which has disproportionately hurt families in municipalities like Brampton.

“Making life more affordable for regular Ontarians is clearly not a priority of this government, but the NDP will keep pushing for the Ford government to lower auto insurance rates. Ontarians, and Brampton families, deserve more from their government.”