April 14th, 2022

Ford govt failing to protect York South—Weston from flood risk

**Letter from NDP MPP Faisal Hassan to Environment Minister David Piccini attached here and from Black Creek Alliance member attached here.

York South—Weston — NDP MPP Faisal Hassan said the Ford government must invest in a proper flood mitigation plan to support the residents of his community.

“Homeowners continue to be frustrated with the inaction from the province as they deal yet again with flooded basements and the financial and emotional distress that comes with that,” Hassan said Thursday during question period.

The Toronto Region Conservation Authority has identified York South— Weston as one of the highest-risk flood plains in its jurisdiction.

Hassan said the Conservative Minister of Environment has not replied to a letter he sent last month asking the Ford government to partner with municipal and federal partners to establish a flood mitigation strategy for the area, and address concerns the community has with The Rockcliffe Riverine Flood Mitigation Project.

“Residents have made it clear that the Rockcliffe Riverine Flood Mitigation Project is not well-planned and is short on provincial investment,” Hassan said. “It does nothing to address the continued building and development being allowed along a well-document floodplain.”

He pointed to a letter he received from community group Black Creek Alliance member Tanya Connors, who said the project is “short-sighted, limited in scope, [and] requires much more funding.”

Hassan said nearby communities have received financial support for flooding, and is left to wonder “why residents who have suffered ongoing flooding damage in York South—Weston are neglected and not treated equally by this government.”