April 16th, 2021

Ford is marching Ontario deeper into a deadly crisis without strong public health measures: NDP

HAMILTON — NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said Doug Ford’s choice to implement virtually no new public health protections is yet another choice to ignore the experts, and march Ontario deeper into crisis — and people will pay a terrible price.

“Doug Ford held a multi-day cabinet meeting to debate the politics of public health. As a result, he came out with watered-down, weak changes,” said Horwath. “He has been warned again and again by experts, and he is still choosing to push us all right into a long, deep, deadly catastrophe. Thousands will get sick. Precious lives will be lost. He walked us right into this crisis with eyes wide open, and now all Ontarians will be stuck in this living nightmare for much longer.”

Horwath said the path to saving lives is clear, laid out by the Science Table.

“Listen to the experts. Get more vaccines to hotspots. Give all workers paid sick days. Give them paid time off to get their shot. Put strong travel restrictions in place now. Get non-essential workers out of workplaces, and close non-essential businesses. And accept the federal government’s offer of help — we need the Red Cross, the military, and health care staff any other jurisdiction can spare,” said Horwath.

“The stronger the measures are now, the sooner this nightmare will be over.”

Horwath said focusing on increased enforcement is Doug Ford playing the blame game.

“Making this all about punishment and enforcement is the ultimate way for Ford to blame Ontarians,” said Horwath. “The vast majority of people are following the rules and public health advice. But busses are packed with essential workplaces. People feeling under the weather have to go in to work because they don’t have paid sick days. Employers are continuing non-essential functions because Ford allows them to.

“Mr. Ford, stop blaming Ontarians for your failures.”