April 18th, 2019

Ford's $350-million cut to environment and conservation will mean higher utility bills, environmental harm

QUEEN’S PARK — NDP Official Opposition Environment and Sustainability critic Ian Arthur said that Doug Ford’s budget rips $350 million away from environment and conservation funding, with the bulk of the cuts coming from programs that help families lower their energy bills.

“The Conservative budget throws Ontario backwards and takes us back decades in the fight again climate change,” said Arthur. “Scrapping programs that help everyday families conserve energy and save on their utility bills is bad for peoples’ wallets and bad for the environment. These cuts mean that seniors and low-income families will see their utility bills skyrocket year over year.

“Families need more relief from rising utility bills, not less.”

The Ford government’s $350-million cut amounts to nearly half of the Ministry of Environment, Conservative and Park’s annual budget. The cancelled conservation programs include instant discounts on energy efficient household products and rebates for purchasing items like furnaces.