March 7th, 2019

Ford’s handling of sex-ed-related complaints is despicable: Ontario NDP critic for LGBTQ Issues

QUEEN’S PARK — Terence Kernaghan, Ontario NDP critic for LGBTQ Issues, released the following statement in response to a CBC News report indicating that there have been instances of sex-ed-related complaints being labelled “allegations of professional misconduct” under the Ford Conservatives:

“I can think of few things more hateful than to, in any way, equate talking about LGBTQ families with the abuse and exploitation of kids. And no teacher should have to fear professional repercussions for simply doing their jobs as educators.

It's clear the Ford Conservatives’ snitch line was created to cast a chill on classrooms, and this revelation will only make things worse. It also flies in the face of claims the government recently made in court, suggesting that teachers could supplement the sex-ed curriculum. Doug Ford’s sex-ed curriculum drags Ontario backwards 20 years, omitting critical issues like consent and online safety.

The Ontario NDP will keep up the fight for a modern sex-ed curriculum that keeps all kids healthy and safe. Teachers should be commended for their commitment to equipping young people with inclusive, up-to-date information, not punished.”