October 2nd, 2018

Ford's vow to cut paid sick days and vacation time will hurt people: NDP

NDP Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath released the following statement after Doug Ford vowed in the legislature Tuesday to cancel all gains made by working people in the most recent improvement to workplace laws:

"Doug Ford is now vowing to make things even worse for workers in Ontario.

His comment today about rolling back labour laws was troubling to every mother who counts on those sick days, and every worker that earned their vacation time with their family. Taking things away from workers - with many already struggling in this economy - is wrong.

One government after another has left Ontario's workforce without the improvements they deserve and need to build safer, more equitable workplaces and a better work-life balance. It doesn't have to be this way. Instead of Ford's plan to drag Ontario backwards, we could be making life better for working Ontarians - like making sure everyone gets a $15 minimum wage, guaranteeing paid leave for victims of domestic violence, and providing sick time.

If Mr. Ford follows through on his threat to roll back the clock, things for the little guy and average Ontarian will go from bad to worse - and all just to benefit Ford's rich friends in big business.

Ontarians deserve so much better."