October 13th, 2021

Horwath calls for even playing field on capacity limits

SUDBURY — Since the Doug Ford government could not offer Ontario’s restaurant industry any explanation for why once again he is favouring big companies over small local restaurants and businesses under the new COVID rules, Official Opposition NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is now calling for an even playing field.

“Once again, Doug Ford is putting the mom-and-pop, neighbourhood family owned businesses at a disadvantage,” said Horwath. “We’ve seen this movie before. This is just like what Ford did to small local businesses when he shut them down, but allowed big box stores to sell anything.”

On Friday, the Ford government announced that it’s allowing some big businesses to operate at full capacity, but forcing family-owned restaurants and other small businesses to operate at a far lower capacity. On Tuesday Restaurants Canada, Horwath and the NDP, and many others called for an explanation — but Ford didn’t have one for them, and Tourism and Culture Minister Lisa MacLeod reportedly skipped a meeting with industry leaders.

“Small businesses drive our economy and sign people’s paycheques. Doug Ford has got to stop giving his big fish buddies a big advantage over the local and little guys,” said Horwath. “In light of the fact that we’ve heard no credible explanation for Doug Ford’s choice to give the big guys another big advantage, the NDP is calling for parity, fairness and an even playing field.”