February 2nd, 2021

Horwath calls for independent investigation into Ford’s attacks on doctors

Horwath calls revelation that Ford called hospital CEO to muzzle doctor “dangerous”

QUEEN’S PARK — In a bombshell revealed Tuesday, the Globe and Mail is reporting a claim that Premier Doug Ford personally phoned the CEO of the William Osler Health System in an attempt to muzzle a physician who had spoken to media about COVID-19. Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath said Ford’s efforts to stop doctors from speaking out is incredibly dangerous, and she wants an independent investigation to look into Ford’s actions.

“People need and deserve honest, truthful health information so they can make informed decisions, and physicians have a right to share their professional medical opinion — even if it doesn’t match the Ford government’s spin,” said Horwath. “We should be thanking the doctors and scientists helping us all stay safe during the pandemic. Doug Ford’s choice to muzzle and bully them is downright dangerous.”

Dr. Brooks Fallis was the interim medical director of critical care from the William Osler Health System. According to the Globe and Mail report, Fallis said: “Dr. Mohammad, our CEO, had received an angry phone call from Doug Ford about my comments. And I was instructed on our phone call to stop all media activity.” According to Fallis, he was repeatedly told that the hospital was worried Ford would slash its funding. The hospital terminated Fallis’ role as medical director of critical care as a result.

“There is a pattern of health experts, doctors and scientists who are critical of the Ford government’s choices being undermined, targeted or harassed,” said Horwath. “From denying facts to attacking Dr. Fallis and Dr. David Fisman, Ford is treating this pandemic like a PR battle, and doctors and scientists like the enemy.

“I’m calling for an independent investigation into Ford’s attempts to control, undermine and threaten doctors who speak out.”