May 4th, 2022

Horwath calls for people to come together to defeat Doug Ford on June 2

TORONTO — Andrea Horwath said this election is people’s chance to come together and elect a government that actually works to fix health care and the sky-high cost of living.

“People are waiting in pain for far too long for health care. The cost of housing is out of control. And our home care and long-term care systems are so broken they’re stealing the quality of life away from our parents and grandparents. Together we can fix what matters most to people — and to do that, we need to defeat Doug Ford now,” said Horwath.

“To do it, we have to come together. The NDP is your best shot this time. We’re as few as 10 seats away from replacing Ford. We can do it now. We can do it together,”

Horwath and the NDP came first or second in 100 ridings in the last election. The NDP won 40 seats, while the Liberals won just seven, losing official party status in Ontario. Horwath has a strong candidate team, as diverse as Ontario and ready to do the job.

“If we come together, we can deliver on concrete plans, like giving people universal mental health, dental care and pharmacare. We can replace cuts to health care and schools with investments to make people’s lives better. We can replace a premier that works for his buddies, with a premier that works for you.”