September 12th, 2017

Horwath calls for further protections for temp workers

Today during question period, Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath called on the Wynne Liberals to hear the alarm bells, and take action to protect temp agency workers.

“Temp work is on the rise in Ontario, but the Wynne Liberals have done nothing to protect these vulnerable workers,” said Horwath.   

Horwath referenced recent media coverage about the oftentimes squalid and dangerous conditions that many temp workers find themselves in, and noted that these conditions have led to deaths – including the tragic workplace accident that took the life of 23 year old Amina Diaby last year in Toronto.

“Today in Ontario, too many shady companies contract out risky work to temp agencies - because our laws are written so that if a temporary employee gets hurt on the job, the company isn't held fully responsible,” said Horwath. “Why is the premier willing to let families who are already struggling just to get by risk their lives in dangerous workplaces?”

For years the NDP has been calling for improvements to protect temp workers - including equal pay for equal work, and and reduced barriers to permanent employment for workers employed through temporary job agencies. The NDP's amendments to the Wynne Liberals' labour bill included changes that would have helped temp workers immediately, but those amendments were denied by the Wynne Liberals, and by the Conservatives, who refused to support them. 

“Temp work is on the rise, and we need to make sure that temp workers are protected,” said Horwath. “Wynne and the Liberals should act now – it’s the right thing to do for every Ontario family.”