April 23rd, 2015

Horwath: Kathleen Wynne’s budget will make Ontarians pay the price

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said that Ontarians will pay the price for the choices Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals have made in her latest budget.

“Ontarians deserve a plan that’s focused on their priorities like their kids’ education, healthcare, good-paying jobs, social services for vulnerable Ontarians, and making life more affordable for the middle class. This budget falls short on all counts,” said Horwath.  

Instead of protecting vital public services and supporting job creating businesses, this budget promises deep, painful cuts to healthcare, education and social services. Instead of safeguarding our shared public assets, this budget promises a fire sale of Hydro One.

“Ontarians didn’t vote for this,” said Horwath. “They did not vote for a plan that fires nurses, closes schools and weakens social services. They didn’t ok the sale of our revenue-generating hydro system for a quick buck.”

The privatization of Hydro One will mean higher rates for families who are already paying some of the highest electricity bills in Canada. Not only will the sell-off of Hydro One cut a dependable source of revenue for the Province that helps to pay for our hospitals and schools, but it will only cover 3% of the government’s promised 10 year expenditure on transit and infrastructure. 

“New Democrats have always believed in investing in transit and infrastructure. We know that we can make these investments without a short-sighted sell-off of our public assets. Once our hydro system is gone it’s gone,” said Horwath. “Instead of choosing to close tax loopholes for big corporations, Kathleen Wynne is making Ontario families and small businesses pay the price.” 

“New Democrats have heard Ontarians loud and clear. We’ll continue the fight to keep our hydro system in public hands where it belongs.”