May 16th, 2014

Horwath will clean up mess in electricity system and get prices under control

SARNIA - Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario’s New Democrats, says  the facts that Ontario loses a billion dollars a year exporting discount electricity to neighboring jurisdictions is just another example of an electricity system that doesn’t make sense to middle class families. She laid out her plan to merge agencies, cap CEO pay and use direct trading to get a better price for Ontario’s electricity exports.  

“Ontario businesses are paying some of the highest electricity rates in Canada so we can ship cheap electricity to jursidcitions that compete with us for jobs,” said Horwath. “Families and business  have been stuck with the bill for sky-high CEO salaries, bloated agencies and failed power deals. It’s time for a plan that makes sense.”

An NDP government will start tackling waste in Ontario’s electricity system by merging four of Ontario’s hydro agencies, capping CEO salaries and getting a better price for electricity exports through direct trading.

“The NDP is offering sensible steps to reduce hydro prices for businesses, and ensure that our hydro system is publicly owned and publicly accountable,” said Horwath.

“After years of failed Liberal and Conservative energy policies, it’s time for change that helps lower prices and keeps Ontario hydro assets public.  Our plan will save millions of dollars and help deliver more affordable rates for Ontarians.”