July 28th, 2023

Kanata—Carleton rejects Doug Ford’s insiders-first agenda after tight three-way race

QUEEN’S PARK – Melissa Coenraad and the Ontario NDP increased their vote share by five points in a tight three-way race in Kanata—Carleton.

“I am so proud of Melissa and her team for running an incredible campaign in Kanata—Carleton,” said Marit Stiles, Leader of the Official Opposition NDP. “She inspired hundreds of organizers and volunteers to come out and fight for positive change in their community, and the province. As a dedicated health care professional, I know she’ll continue to be an inspiring leader in her community.”

“I am incredibly proud of the campaign we organized in Kanata—Carleton, and with the amazing energy we’ve seen over the past three months, I know the future is bright,” said Coenraad. “Hundreds of volunteers in our riding stepped up to meet the moment. Their tenacious organizing is key for laying the groundwork for change in 2026. The work is far from over and I’m excited to know that Marit Stiles and the Official Opposition will continue to hold the Ford government accountable. Thank you for your support.”

Coenraad congratulated Karen McCrimmon on her successful campaign.

The NDP increased its vote share in Kanata—Carleton by more than 5 points compared to the results of the 2022 general election held just over a year ago. This riding has only ever been held by the Liberals and Conservatives. McCrimmon, who will sit as an independent, represented the riding as an MP from 2015—2021.

Coenraad is a dedicated healthcare worker and passionate labour activist.