April 21st, 2015

Liberals’ class size flip-flop throws Ontario schools into chaos

QUEEN’S PARK — During Question Period today, NDP Education Critic Lisa Gretzky demanded the Premier and Minister of Education explain why the Liberal government is removing a limit on classroom sizes in Ontario schools while slashing education funding.

“Just yesterday, the Minister of Education claimed that she hasn't heard a ‘coherent explanation,’ of what local issues prompted education workers to walkout in Durham,” stated Gretzky, MPP for Windsor West. “Maybe if the Premier and Minister actually consulted Ontario families and education workers before slashing education funding and forcing the closure of neighbourhood schools they wouldn't be so mystified about why Ontarians are so upset.”

With secondary school teachers currently on strike in Durham, and Rainbow and Peel districts poised to join them in the coming weeks, the Liberal education cuts and forced school closures continue to throw Ontario schools into chaos.  

Despite Gretzky’s questioning, the Minister of Education seemed just as perplexed about local education issues following question period as she was before question period.