September 11th, 2017

Marijuana distribution plan leaves questions

Ontario NDP Attorney General Critic Gilles Bisson issued the following statement.

“Today’s announcement by the Wynne government is an obvious attempt to distract from the Liberal bribery trial now underway, and the upcoming Liberal gas plant scandal trial. Something as important as Ontario’s framework guiding the use and retail of recreational marijuana should not leave the public with more questions than answers.

Ontarians expect to see a comprehensive plan for the safe distribution of marijuana with detailed information. Now, we're left to ask if the number of locations is correct, where they'll be located, how communities will be involved in the decision process, and how pot products will be priced and taxed.  It seems like a partial plan, without road safety measures in place, was rushed out the door for political cover.

Ontarians have been let down by Wynne so many times, I can understand why people are concerned that she'll fumble this major change.”