May 31st, 2021

MPP says second-dose strategy is needed for people that relied on pop-up clinics

QUEEN’S PARK — NDP MPP Faisal Hassan says a second-dose plan is needed for people who got their first COVID-19 vaccine at a pop-up clinic.

With no permanent COVID-19 vaccination clinics in York South-Weston, Hassan said most people in his riding have no idea where they’ll get a second dose.

“Too many residents of York South-Weston don’t know when or where to go to get their second dose, and the government doesn’t have a plan to help them,” said Hassan. “For millions of people, it was a frustrating scavenger hunt to get their first dose. They hunted for pop-up clinics on social media, they lined up for hours, and sometimes they were turned away and had to start the whole hunt over.

“Those folks don’t have an appointment for their second shot – and so far, no one is telling them when they qualify, or where to go.”

Hassan said Ford’s plan to cross his fingers and hope that people who attended pop-up clinics for their first shot will find another pop-up at the right time is wrong – and must be replaced with a plan.

“If Doug Ford’s plan for the second dose is the same as the first, people will miss their window, be forced to wait in line for hours, and many will be left behind again, and left unprotected.”