July 23rd, 2019

NDP calls on Doug Ford to come clean and release the details of his transit plan

QUEEN’S PARK — Official Opposition critic for Transit Jessica Bell released the following statement regarding leaked documents obtained by the Toronto Star. These leaked plans show that the Doug Ford government is planning to discard much more of the subway planning Toronto has done than was previously stated.
“According to documents revealed by the Toronto Star, the back-of-the-napkin scheme Doug Ford is cooking up for Toronto’s subway includes just three kilometres of Toronto’s planned relief line route. That means Ford is throwing away hundreds of millions of dollars-worth of planning, and delaying subway building by years, or even decades.

I’m calling for Doug Ford’s secret subway plans to be released publicly, immediately. Not just the lines he drew on a piece of paper for a media event — actual planning documents.

As much as Doug Ford might like to be, he isn’t the Mayor of Toronto. He owes the City of Toronto and the people of Toronto the answers to dozens of questions they submitted months ago. Ontarians deserve so much better than hearing about their government’s plans for their future through leaked documents in the media. They deserve a government that works collaboratively with other levels of government to get transit built.”