May 23rd, 2018

NDP calls for Elections Ontario investigations into 12 PC campaigns

Ontarians are rightfully outraged by Doug Ford and the PC’s 407 data breach scandal in this election.

The 407 ETR is now sending letters to as many as 60,000 individuals that demonstrates their personal information has been compromised. This scandal is not confined to one city or one election campaign.

The NDP has written Elections Ontario concerning 12 PC campaigns to request investigations to determine if any of the illegally obtained data has been used in any way by these candidates and campaigns.

These 12 campaigns have been identified in various media reports due to discrepancies in their nomination processes.

The 12 PC campaigns the NDP has called to be investigated are:

Beaches–East York

Brampton Centre

Brampton West

Brampton South

Hamilton West—Ancaster—Dundas


Mississauga East—Cooksville



Mississauga—Erin Mills