July 19th, 2021

NDP calls for hearings into $10 million lost in sole-sourced contract arranged by Tory insiders

QUEEN’S PARK — NDP Health critic, France Gélinas, released the following statement concerning a report by the Toronto Star showing that the Ford government has yet to recoup any of the $10 million wasted on unproven and unlicensed COVID tests given in a sole-sourced contract following lobbying from a Ford-connected insider:

“Doug Ford handed $10 million to a company whose only qualification seems to have been that Ford Conservative insiders were on their payroll as lobbyists. Even though the tests Ford bought with Ontarians’ cash don’t work, not a cent has been paid back. Ontarians are right to be outraged over this, because it’s always insiders and lobbyists who get deals from this premier, while the people of Ontario pay for it. We need the whole group hauled before the Public Accounts Committee to find out where the money has gone and who signed off on this ridiculous contract to hand $10 million to a company with an unproven product, apparently just because their lobbyists are connected to Ford.”