September 21st, 2021

NDP MPP statement on death of local youth worker

TORONTO — NDP MPP Suze Morrison (Toronto Centre) released this statement in response to the death of youth worker Thane Murray, who was shot near Regent Park this past weekend:

"I am devastated by the tragic loss of Thane Murray. My heart aches for his family, loved ones, and his beloved Regent Park community, including the many children and youth who he cared for, inspired, and uplifted over the years.

So many were touched by Thane's devotion to empowering and improving the lives of children and young people in his community. He will be greatly missed.

There is no place for gun violence in our neighbourhoods and our city. As political leaders, we must fight for governments to invest in our communities to keep them safe, including resources and opportunities for youth, mental health supports and anti-poverty measures like affordable housing and education."