August 29th, 2019

NDP responds to Bethlenfalvy’s Treasury Board cuts

THUNDER BAY — NDP Finance critic Sandy Shaw released the following statement:

“The Ford government is blowing $30 million on a partisan, anti-environment advertising campaign, and millions more on a losing court battle on the federal carbon price. He handed out six-figure patronage appointments to Ford cronies, PC insiders and assorted lacrosse players; $9 million in payments to the outgoing Hydro One CEO; and more than $100 million on the blown Avista deal. He increased the size of his cabinet by 33 per cent, shelling out piles of cash for extra ministers, and their staff and offices.

Meanwhile, he’s cutting teachers and education workers, cutting public health and making callous and destructive cuts to social services.

Only the Ford government could spend more than Kathleen Wynne and still cut educators, public health and social services — and then, brag about re-using binders.”