November 6th, 2018

NDP says Ford needs to end silence on Jim Wilson

QUEEN’S PARK – Deputy Leader Sara Singh released the following statement after days of silence from Doug Ford following the exit of Jim Wilson, the most senior member of Ford’s cabinet.

“Our thoughts, first and foremost, are with anyone who has been impacted or victimized by Mr. Wilson’s alleged behaviour. We wish them well and hope they’re getting the support they need and deserve.

It has now been five days since Doug Ford’s office released a media statement that tried to cover up the sexual misconduct allegations that now appear to be the actual cause of Jim Wilson’s exit.

Mr. Ford didn’t tell Ontarians the truth about the departure of his most senior minister, and that’s wrong. It’s time for Mr. Ford to come out of hiding and answer questions. For Ford to refuse to face the press or the public, and stay entirely silent on this issue, is wrong.”