November 24th, 2015

NDP demands Premier Wynne take action for Northern Ontario families facing increasing poverty

Ontario NDP Critic for Community and Social Services Sarah Campbell demanded Premier Wynne and the Liberal government take action to help Northern Ontario families facing increasing poverty. 

“This week we learned that poverty and homelessness continue to grow in Northern Ontario.  This Liberal government’s rhetoric and record on homelessness and poverty simply don’t match up,” Campbell said.

In Sudbury, the homeless population has more than doubled since 2009. Almost one percent of Sudbury’s population is homeless.   Rates of homelessness and poverty in North Bay and Timmins are higher than the rest of the Canada.

“This government is failing vulnerable people, families, and children in Northern Ontario. Will the premier admit that her inaction is forcing marginalized people in Northern Ontario to pay the price?”

While indigenous people only represent about 8.2 per cent of the population in Sudbury, they represent about 43 per cent of the homeless population. 

“More than half of people at risk of homelessness have mental or physical health problems. 182 homeless people in Sudbury are children under the age of 18. The premier must acknowledge that this is unacceptable. This government’s neglect of vulnerable people in Northern Ontario is atrocious,” Campbell said.

“Will the premier admit that she is failing families and children in Northern Ontario and tell us what her government is doing about it?