September 12th, 2017

NDP MPP challenges Wynne on her involvement in Sudbury bribery scandal

On the eve of Kathleen Wynne's scheduled appearance in court, Ontario’s NDP challenged Premier Wynne on her involvement in the 2015 Sudbury by-election bribery scandal. During question period, Kitchener-Waterloo MPP Catherine Fife questioned Premier Wynne on the lengths she and the Liberal Party were willing to go to have now Minister of Energy Glenn Thibeault as their candidate.

Before the 2015 Sudbury by-election, Thibeault was appointed as the riding’s Liberal candidate, circumventing the local riding association’s plan to hold a democratic nomination meeting. 

Fife called on Wynne to answer a simple question: “Was the premier aware that the Sudbury riding association had requested a democratic nomination meeting and not an appointment from her office?”

Wynne refused to answer that or any other questions asked of her about the appointment of Minister Thibeault as candidate, and the bribery that was alleged to have happened in the process.

“The people of this province deserve a government that respects the democratic process, not one that only abides by the democratic process when it benefits them,” said Fife.