November 10th, 2016

NDP MPP Peter Tabuns introduces bill for climate action

Today Peter Tabuns, NDP MPP for Toronto-Danforth, and the Ontario NDP’s environment critic, presented his private member’s bill for climate action in the province. 

'The Wynne government’s climate plans aren't ambitious enough or transparent enough,' said Tabuns. 

“Their climate targets do not meet the Paris Agreement, or other climate agreements that Ontario has signed on to.  At the same time, the Wynne government lacks an effective plan ‎for dealing with the huge changes Ontario will face as the world gets hotter. Its plans for reducing emissions are not transparent, and do not have the approval of the legislature.”

Tabuns will be introducing his private members bill on Monday which brings Ontario's climate targets into line with the agreements Ontario has signed.  It provides a process, modelled on the UK's climate legislation, that will require carbon budgets to be set for Ontario by the legislature so that measures taken are publicly debated and provide the transparency needed.  

“Plans to adapt to a hotter world would have to be publicly debated and adopted so the public would have their say, and know what is planned,” Tabuns said.  “Climate change will substantially reduce our standard of living if we do not act now. We need ambition and transparency if we are going to have action that will make a difference.”