November 24th, 2016

NDP PMB to close Bribery Loophole, and strengthen integrity

The “Putting Voters First Act,” being introduced by NDP House Leader Gilles Bisson, will close a loophole in Ontario’s Election Act. The Private Members Bill will make it illegal for anyone to solicit or receive a bribe in exchange for seeking a nomination or running for office. 

“People want to believe in good government. I think most Ontarians believe it shouldn’t take a Private Member’s Bill to make it clear you can’t ask for a bribe, but given the behavior of the Liberals it  seems we do,” said Bisson. “Senior Liberals have already been charged for offering Glenn Thibeault a bribe, which is illegal. It’s common sense that asking for a bribe or accepting a bribe should be illegal too.”

On Monday, a Federal Prosecutor said that Glenn Thibeault “sought certain benefits, offers or job or employment as part of his conditions to run as (an) MPP,” but noted that “[t]he section makes it an offence to offer, not necessarily to receive (a bribe).” Bisson’s PMB would close that loophole and clarify that soliciting or accepting a bribe is also illegal. 

Bisson is calling for the bill to be passed quickly.