December 17th, 2015

NDP statement on Motherisk Hair Analysis Independent Review

NDP Children and Youth Services Critic Monique Taylor released the following statement regarding the Motherisk Hair Analysis Independent Review.

“It’s been over a year since the review into Motherisk was announced, but today the results are clear; the thousands of tests that were done at the Motherisk lab at the Hospital for Sick Children for over ten years, involving as many as 9000 tests, were “inadequate.” In fact the review found that tests were done without meeting any forensic standards, or receiving the proper oversight.

“Tests as important as these cannot afford to be wrong. Children’s lives, and those of their families, have been devastated by the results.

“Ontarians need to have confidence in the justice system. The negligence uncovered at Motherisk can understandably shake people’s confidence in getting any justice. We know this has impacted thousands of families in the province.

“New Democrats support the call for a further comprehensive review, and support Ms. Lang’s call for any review to be given the power to compel testimony. We will keep the Liberal government to their promise to quickly create an independent review and appoint a commissioner, as well as the minister’s commitment today to provide services, including counseling, to families who’ve been impacted by the Motherisk tests.”