February 16th, 2016

New Democrats will make all Ontario voices heard in the Legislature

Horwath to prioritize job creation, protecting healthcare, building equality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and stopping the sell-off of Hydro One 

Queen’s Park – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath opened the new legislative session by outlining her and the Ontario NDP’s priorities which include, job creation, fighting cuts to frontline healthcare, tackling climate change, stopping the sell-off of Hydro One and closing the equality gap that has grown wider under this Liberal government.

“As I’ve talked with families and small business owners, students and seniors over the winter break, I find myself hearing stories about two different worlds, two different Ontarios.

There is an Ontario where a small group of insiders with the ear of the Premier and the Liberal Party are doing just fine. And, then, there’s another Ontario - where hard-working people try to keep up, but keep falling further behind.”

This growing inequality is evidenced by the fact that since 2015 the Liberals have fired 1200 nurses and kept seniors waiting for long-term care beds.

They’ve allowed high electricity rates to burden Ontario families and stifle businesses. They have stood idly by as good jobs left the province. They have failed to put forward a transparent and effective plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And they have not moved to reduce inequality by creating an Ontario Anti-Racism Secretariat.

“When the Premier boasts of prosperity, growth, and opportunity, most Ontarians have one question: For whom? Who is really getting ahead?,” said Horwath, “Families are struggling. Good jobs are getting harder and harder to find and keep, and inequality is growing, it’s time to focus on what matters to people.”

“People are tired of broken promises, ‘stretch goals’, scandal and corruption,” said Horwath. “This session New Democrats will make sure that the voices of all Ontarians are heard inside the Legislature. We have the potential to build a future where no one is left behind. And where all Ontarians can share in the opportunities we create.”