April 7th, 2016

Ontario NDP MPP Wayne Gates Questions Winter Maintenance Contract Extensions

Today, Ontario NDP Transportation Critic, Wayne Gates, called on the Minister of Transportation to explain why the Liberal government is paying more money to private winter road maintenance contractors that owe millions in fines to the province.

“The contractors owe the public millions in penalties for poor performance. Instead of forcing them to honour the agreements, these contractors get more money,” said Gates, MPP for Niagara Falls. 


A recent report showed that the Minister of Transportation approved agreements to extend winter road maintenance with the same private contractors that already owe the province up to $33 million in fines related to poor performance over the past two winters.

“Why is the Minister of Transportation stubbornly sticking with this failed privatized system, when these millions in penalties prove that these contractors can’t be trusted to do their jobs and keep our roads safe?” asked Gates. “Why does the minister insist on sticking with a failed privatized system that endangers our kids and our grandkids?”