September 20th, 2017

Ontario Trans patients struggle to access care

NDP LGBTQ Issues critic Cheri DiNovo says that despite legal protections, Trans patients are being denied equal access to health care in Ontario.

“It’s been five years since the government passed Toby’s Law, granting Trans people protections under the Ontario Human Rights Code. Yet there is no equality for Trans folk when it comes to accessing health care,” said DiNovo this morning in question period. 

“My constituent, Luke Fox, who is here today, has suffered just trying to get basic follow-up care after surgery. The lack of care has left him absolutely housebound. Why is the government denying Luke access to follow-up care?”

Toby’s Law, introduced by DiNovo in 2012, amends Ontario’s Human Rights Code to specify that every person has a right to equal treatment without discrimination based on gender identity or gender expression.

“[Luke is] one of many who have been unable to access health care. The government is not even planning on offering many of the surgery options that Trans folk need. In Ontario, there are now thousands on wait-lists, often under dire circumstances, waiting for necessary care—care that is, five years later, still only available outside the province,” said DiNovo, asking:

“When exactly will equality in health care be offered to our Trans community?”