May 26th, 2020

Response from NDP Leader on Canadian Armed Forces report on Ontario LTC homes

“The conditions and treatment of seniors revealed in this report are outrageous, horrifying and saddening. The horror seniors in these homes are being forced to live is inhumane. It breaks my heart to think about what these people are living through even today, and how scared and outraged their families must be feeling right now. I can only imagine their anguish.

We cannot allow Doug Ford to waste another second. We need inspections, takeovers of all homes that are not safe, and we need to launch a full, transparent public inquiry.

Beyond that, it’s shocking that the Canadian Armed Forces needed to lift the veil, when Doug Ford and Merrilee Fullerton ought to have known about these horrific conditions, and did nothing to take the homes over. The premier cannot pass the buck, finger-point, and express outrage about what his own government is doing on his watch. He has no choice to immediately require the resignation of Minister of Long Term Care Merillee Fullerton.

But the buck stops with Mr. Ford. For him to waste another second before having public health or a hospital take over these homes — and many others — would be unconscionable. For him to say the government will hold an internal investigation is disturbingly inadequate.

I want to thank the members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have blown the whistle in order to protect these precious lives. Families and our entire province owe them a great debt.”