August 1st, 2017

Seniors and their loved ones deserve full investigation into the crisis in long-term care: Horwath

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath issued the following statement.

“New Democrats, seniors groups, health care advocates, and concerned families across the province have spoken out clearly on the urgent need for a broad based public inquiry into the systemic problems in long-term care. We are concerned that today’s announcement from Premier Wynne and her Liberal government fails to specify key issues that must be included in the inquiry’s mandate such as:

  • Safety of residents and staff
  • Quality of care/minimum standards of direct daily care
  • Funding levels
  • Staffing levels and staffing practices
  • Regulation, enforcement, and inspections
  • Capacity, availability, and accessibility in all regions
  • The impact of for-profit privatization on care
  • Government action and inaction on previous recommendations to improve the long-term care system.


Ontarians expect this public inquiry to examine the circumstances of the Wettlaufer murders, but we cannot stop there.  Seniors and their loved ones need a full investigation into the long-standing systemic problems that have thrown seniors’ care into crisis, and caused hardship for families across the province. It is not enough for this inquiry to examine whether the Long-Term Care Homes Actis being followed. We already know that seniors deserve stronger protections that safeguard their health, safety and dignity in long-term care.”