December 1st, 2015

Still no clear answers from Liberal government on winter road maintenance equipment: NDP

Today, NDP Transportation critic Wayne Gates demanded answers from the Minister of Transportation on the Liberal government’s procurement of winter maintenance equipment. An Auditor General’s report recently revealed that the government spent millions of dollars to procure equipment for companies they had contracted to clear snow and ice from Ontario roads.

“Your government awarded winter maintenance contracts to companies who didn’t have the proper equipment,” said Gates, MPP for Niagara Falls. Gates added that the minister, “knowingly had the residents of Ontario drive on unsafe roads last winter.”

Now, with some companies ending their winter maintenance contracts with the government, Gates asked what will happen to the equipment procured using taxpayer funds.

“Minister, who will own the equipment that the people of Ontario spent millions of their hard dollars to procure now that those contracts have been cancelled?” Gates asked.