November 7th, 2018

Tell the truth and also protect victims: NDP statement on Jim Wilson

QUEEN’S PARK – NDP Deputy Leader Sara Singh issued the following statement in response to Doug Ford’s comments Wednesday regarding Jim Wilson’s resignation.

“Protecting a victim of sexual misconduct is the right thing to do. Protecting a powerful man accused of sexual misconduct isn’t. Pretending that those things are at odds with each other is wrong.

Mr. Ford absolutely could have been honest, and told Ontarians that there were serious allegations against his most senior minister, and could have done that without revealing the identity of anyone impacted. He didn’t — he chose to mislead the public to protect Mr. Wilson.

Our thoughts are with anyone impacted by Mr. Wilson’s alleged misconduct. We believe it’s absolutely right to protect their identity and their privacy if that’s their wish. And we continue to think it’s wrong that Mr. Ford tried to protect the person that allegedly hurt them.”