March 23rd, 2017

Wynne government failing seniors in Windsor struggling with hydro bills: MPP Hatfield

During question period Thursday, Percy Hatfield, NDP MPP for Windsor-Tecumseh, demanded answers from the Wynne government for seniors in Windsor struggling to pay their hydro bills.

“I have a constituent.  She’s 67. Her husband is a stroke victim. She’s trying to save money. She got rid of her electric clothes dryer and switched to natural gas.  It only saved her 10 bucks a month. Her most recent hydro bill was for $130 of usage, but more than $100 in delivery charges,” Hatfield said.

“What does this government say to folks struggling to keep up with her failed energy policies?” 

Premier Kathleen Wynne has made announcements but has yet to produce a hydro plan to tell seniors and families what will happen to their bills, and who will pay the price for $40 billion of interest payments going to bankers, rather than being invested to help Ontarians buckling under increasing hydro bills.

“My constituent takes a monthly prescription pill, it costs her more than $100.  It’s not covered by OHIP.  There are times, she tells me, when she has to make a decision:  Do I buy  more medication, or do I pay my hydro bill?”  Hatfield said.  “She also tells me there are a lot of people, a lot of seniors, in her neighbourhood and when she goes out in the evening and at night those homes are darker these days, these nights, these evenings, because people can’t afford to turn on their lights. 

“She’s not the only one struggling these days.  When can seniors in Ontario finally get a break from the failed policies of this Liberal government?”

Unlike Premier Wynne, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has already publicly released her plan to lower hydro rates by up to 30 per cent. The extensive NDP plan includes immediate bill-cutting measures like scrapping time-of-use premiums and unfair higher delivery charges; and it repairs the hydro system for the long-term by reversing the selloff of Hydro One.