May 11th, 2017

Wynne leaves out majority of Ontarians from drug coverage: NDP

During question period Thursday, NDP health critic France Gélinas demanded to know why Premier Kathleen Wynne is refusing to cover medication for Ontarians over the age of 24. 

Gélinas told the legislature about Sarah, a 27-year old worker and student from Norwich, Ontario who needs medication for a serious eye condition.

“She works at Tim Hortons, trying to put herself through school. She wants to become a social worker. Sarah has a chronic eye disease that causes blurred vision, dark floating spots and progressive vision loss,” Gélinas recounted.

“Can the deputy premier explain why she thinks Sarah should have to pay for the expensive medication for her eyes out of pocket?”

Gélinas said the NDP’s universal pharmacare program would help Sarah and the thousands of other Ontarians who have to make that heartbreaking decision each and every month. She said New Democrats support Sarah’s assertion that, “No person with any severe health problem should be forced to choose between paying bills and paying for much-needed medications.”

“Health care is based on universal access. Our health care system is built on the principle that nobody is turned away. Sarah shouldn’t have to worry about school, about working, about trying to pay for her medication because she is 27 years old, rather than 24,” Gélinas said.

“Why is the premier ignoring the best advice, refusing to bring in universal pharmacare that leaves no one behind, and refusing to help people like Sarah?