April 3rd, 2017

Wynne Liberals refuse to address questions about inclusionary zoning “poison pill” that would hurt affordable housing efforts: NDP

Today in the legislature, Parkdale-High Park NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo asked the Wynne government to respond to housing advocates who have publicly expressed concerns that the Liberal government’s new inclusionary zoning regulations will include provisions that would hurt efforts to address the affordable housing crisis.  

“This government resisted inclusionary zoning for years, even as affordable housing wait-lists grew and provincial housing budgets shrank. But last year, the government finally seemed to say yes to inclusionary zoning,” said Dinovo. “It would be an enormous betrayal if the government introduced a poison pill that would make it harder for municipalities to pass inclusionary zoning bylaws.” 

Last month, over 30 community and non-profit housing organizations from across Ontario wrote to the Minister of Housing with concerns about his forthcoming inclusionary zoning regulations. They fear that the government plans to force municipalities to pay developers for each unit of affordable housing created under inclusionary zoning.  

DiNovo, who tabled the first inclusionary zoning bill back in 2009, said that these groups point out that such a measure would prevent municipalities from passing inclusionary zoning bylaws.  

“Will the minister assure Ontarians who need affordable housing that no such poison pill will be in his new inclusionary zoning regulations? Will he assure us?” asked DiNovo.  

The Minister of Housing would not offer DiNovo any assurances about the Wynne government’s plans.