October 21st, 2015

Wynne needs to protect auto jobs: NDP

NDP MPP for Oshawa Jennifer French called on the Premier this morning to confirm whether or not she will support the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) now that the Liberals have formed a majority government. The TPP is expected to have a devastating impact on the automotive sector across the country and in communities like Oshawa. 

“This government has talked a good game about supporting manufacturing, but talk is easy when you don’t have a willing partner. Well, the Premier says she has finally found a federal partner she can work with. So what will that mean for manufacturing? We need a plan to keep jobs in this country and communities working.” 

“Will the Premier please tell us how she intends to bring her new federal partner to the table to protect jobs and figure out a solid manufacturing strategy?” French asked.

The TPP trade agreement is expected to cause up to 24,000 job losses in the auto-sector across Ontario, and approximately 1,500 in Oshawa alone. French says all three levels of government need to come to the table and implement a strategy that will protect workers in the automotive industry.

“Projections of job losses across the country, across our communities, are staggering. As many as 24,000 jobs in the auto sector will be impacted by the TPP across the country, potentially 1,500 jobs in Oshawa alone. All jobs are important and communities will be sorely impacted.”

“Will the Premier use her new federal connections to develop a solid manufacturing strategy and protect Ontario jobs?” French asked.