June 11th, 2021

York South-Weston MPP calls for concrete action against Islamophobia

YORK SOUTH-WESTON - NDP MPP Faisal Hassan echoed Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath's call to Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau to listen to the National Council of Canadian Muslims and convene all levels of government for a National Action Summit on Islamophobia.

Hassan said Canada and Ontario must take real action to eradicate the rising tide of Islamophobia and white supremacist hate in Ontario, in the wake of a deadly act of Islamophobic terror that targeted a Muslim family in London.

"As a Muslim and as an Ontarian, I am grief-stricken and horrified that three generations of a Muslim family were targeted and killed by a hateful act of Islamophobic terror in Ontario.

The Afzaal family was precious and loved; they should still be here with us. A child should not be injured, facing the traumatic and devastating loss of his family. I am heartbroken for the family's relatives, loved ones and community members, left to grieve this profound loss.

No child, no community, no family in this country should ever have to experience this pain and loss again.

Muslim people across Ontario and Canada shouldn't have to fear for their lives, for the safety of their children and loved ones, due to the colour of their skin or articles of faith they wear. No one deserves to feel unsafe because of their religion or ethnic background. But this fear is sadly familiar to Muslim people across this province and country.

Ontarians must condemn in no uncertain terms Islamophobia, racism, and white supremacist hatred. We must work together as leaders and communities to stamp out this ugly hatred wherever it raises its head.

Words are not enough. The Ford government must move past statements and take concrete steps to eradicate Islamophobia, white supremacism, and systemic racism. In addition to a cross-government National Action Summit, the NDP is urging the Ford government to reinstate a fully funded provincial Anti-Racism strategy to combat hate and Islamophobia and works to stop the spread of white supremacist activity and ideology.

As provincial leaders, we must ensure that Islamophobia and systemic racism are removed from our institutions and policies.

All of us in Ontario must work together to foster inclusivity, love and understanding, and to make it very clear that violence and hatred have no place in our province."