May 5th, 2017

13,800 full-time jobs shed over one month

Wages are down and Ontario had 13,800 fewer full-time jobs in April compared to just one month earlier, according to the newest labour force survey data from Statistics Canada.

With about 12,000 less secure, part-time jobs created, the numbers paint a picture of Ontario being driven into a lower-wage economy at the same time as the cost of living is skyrocketing.

“The cost of living – from hydro to housing and child care – is way up, but the number of good, stable jobs are down,” said the NDP’s critic for employment, Catherine Fife. “For young people trying to break into their career, the search is getting harder and harder. As a result, too many young people are struggling to move out on their own. Couples are even putting off starting their family. People are really reaching their tipping point with Premier Kathleen Wynne continuing to do damage.” 

Median weekly wages were down across the board in April. Ontarians earned $16.27 less per week compared to just a month earlier – a hit that’s aggravated by the growing cost of living families are facing.

It was full-time earnings that took the biggest hit, down $24 a week on average compared to just a month earlier, and down more than $31 per week compared to a year ago.

Regions that shed full time jobs includedOttawa (down 3,200 jobs in April); Oshawa (down another 1,000 jobs in April, and down 5,600 jobs for the year); St. Catharines and the Niagara region (lost 1,400 jobs in April, bringing the loss to 4,300 jobs for the year and 2000 jobs since Wynne took office); Windsor (lost 1,400 jobs in April, down 2,800 jobs for the year); and Sudbury (down 800 jobs in April, making the annual loss more than 1,000 jobs).

“Wynne is busy looking out for herself, her political party and her friends in high places,” said Fife. “Ontario needs a premier that prioritizes working people, middle-class families and those struggling to build a good life here. The economy for those families is moving in the wrong direction, and we need a government that will turn things around before it’s too late.”