December 3rd, 2015

Auditor General’s report says Ontario puts vulnerable children at risk: NDP

Following the Auditor General’s report that revealed disturbing gaps in oversight of care of Ontario’s most vulnerable children, Ontario NDP Children and Youth Services critic Monique Taylor demanded Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne take responsibility for her government’s failures and commit to protecting children in care. 

The report this week by Ontario’s Auditor General on her investigation into Children’s Aid Societies showed that the Societies did not always check the Ontario Child Abuse Registry. It further pointed out that investigations into abuse can take an average of 7 months, although investigations are supposed to be done within 30 days. 

“The ministry's lack of oversight is putting our most vulnerable kids at risk,” said Taylor. “Can Premier Wynne please explain why she is allowing children to be placed in homes when the abuse register hasn’t been checked?” 

Taylor explained that the ministry isn’t even ensuring that recommendations following the death of a child in care are being implemented by societies. 

“How is it possible that we aren’t learning from mistakes after children in care die?” said Taylor. “Will the Premier take responsibility for the fact that children in Ontario continue to be placed in homes with convicted child abusers?”

“We need leadership on this file.  We need to immediately remedy these disturbing results,” demanded Taylor.