January 27th, 2016

Commit to Hydro Debate says NDP's Lundquist to Liberal candidate

Whitby – NDP Candidate Niki Lundquistis calling on local Liberal Candidate Elizabeth Roy to defend the Liberal government's sell-off of Hydro One and has challenged her to debate the issue. 

'Kathleen Wynne is selling-off Hydro One without there having been an open and public debate about the issue,” said Lundquist. “I’m challenging the Liberal candidate to debate and defend this wrong-headed sell-off that she has publicly supported.”

Lundquist issued a similar challenge at last night's Whitby Chamber of Commerce All Candidates Forum -- a challenge that Liberal Candidate Elizabeth Roy ducked.

“This by-election is a chance for  Whitby and Oshawa to send a message loud and clear that the Premier’s shortsighted sell-off of hydro must stop now,” said Lundquist. “During the last provincial campaign the Liberals never once hinted at selling-off Hydro One. This time the Liberals can’t hide from it. This community, along with the millions of Ontarians, are opposed to this sell-off deserve to be heard.” 

Last year, Whitby Town Council joined over 190 other municipalities in passing a resolution expressing the town's desire to keep Hydro One public. As Regional Councillor, Liberal Candidate Elizabeth Roy was one of the few dissenting voices voting against the motion.

I’m challenging #WhitbyOshawa Lib candidate @ElizabethJRoy to a debate on the Liberal sell-off of Hydro One. https://t.co/fNl6iF7JiB #onpoli \n— Niki Lundquist (@niki_lundquist) January 27, 2016