March 11th, 2018

Cut-and-privatize Ford a stark contrast to Andrea Horwath

MARKHAM – Doug Ford wants to cut and privatize the services everyday people count on – a stark contrast to the hope Andrea Horwath’s campaign is giving Ontarians.

When it comes to privatization and sell-offs, “we will leave no stone unturned,” warned Doug Ford during the recent leadership debate.

“We keep switching between the Liberals and the Conservatives in Ontario, and life just keeps getting harder,” said NDP House Leader Gilles Bisson. “It’s time to stop settling for parties and leaders that cut, and leaders that cut deeper. It’s time to stop settling for leaders that let our kids’ schools crumble and our make our health care waits longer and longer. It’s time to stop switching between bad and worse.”

Ford not only supports Patrick Brown’s plan to cut $6.1 billion in jobs and services – but he’d cut even deeper, since he’d scrap any efforts to have polluters pay.

Bisson said a party unable to govern itself can’t be trusted to govern Ontario. Ford himself calls the Conservative leadership election ‘scandalous’ and ‘ridiculous’ – and that’s on top of the party’s membership controversies, nomination controversies, financial controversies and even a police investigation into alleged fraud and ballot-box stuffing.

“Ontarians deserve so much better than Wynne and Ford,” said Bisson. “They deserve a premier who will put Hydro One back in public hands and bring our bills down. They deserve a premier who will tackle hospital overcrowding crisis. We can have a premier in Andrea Horwath that shares the priorities of middle class families, that says what she’ll do and keeps her word, and that unites Ontarians instead of dividing them.”