December 17th, 2015

Cuts will not improve health care for patients: NDP

Today, Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath (Hamilton Centre) released the following statement:

“Cutting health care is not the kind of transformation that Ontarians need to see, but that’s exactly what the Liberals continue to deliver. Today’s long-overdue discussion paper won’t fix the problems in our health care system unless the Liberals stop cutting hospital services and laying-off frontline health care workers. The government cannot seriously expect to improve care for patients while closing hospital beds, undermining trust with doctors, and forcing hundreds of layoffs, including the elimination of more than 625 registered nursing positions this year alone.

“While the Liberals continue to cut health care services, their record speaks volumes. Twelve years after taking office, Ontario’s seniors are still waiting hundreds of days for home care and long-term care. Moms and dads cannot access their family doctor when their kids need an urgent appointment. And waitlists for long-term care continue to grow. I believe Ontarians deserve so much better. But if the government truly wanted to consult Ontarians and improve care for patients, they would have released this discussion paper when the Legislature could debate it. Releasing this paper on the eve of the holidays shows that the government doesn’t want to answer tough questions about their record and their proposals.

“Over the coming months, New Democrats will be listening to Ontarians and offering real solutions to improve care for patients and reduce wait times. We will continue to advocate for a true 5-day home care guarantee, minimum standards of care, and a public home care system that is actually committed to the principle of universal access that Ontarians hold dear.”