January 10th, 2019

Doug Ford’s latest attempt to kill the electric car will cost Ontario

On Wednesday, NDP Climate Change critic Peter Tabuns responded to revelations by Queen’s Park Today that Doug Ford has decided to decommission electric vehicle charging stations already installed at GO station parking lots:

“By ripping down electric vehicle charging stations that are already installed, Doug Ford is dragging Ontario backward and burning money.

Electric cars are the future, but Ford’s actions make it clear that he wants to hold us back — whether it’s drivers who want an electric vehicle, or workers who want a job building electric vehicles. This move sucks for drivers, it sucks for people considering buying an electric vehicle, it sucks for the environment, and it’s going to suck when we need to pay again to rebuild what Ford is tearing down.

Ontario families deserve so much better than a government that drags us backwards. Instead of burning public money to rip out charging stations, we should be investing in green technology, green jobs and helping people choose green transportation. We should be looking at more electric vehicle charging options, not fewer.”